Diamond Color or Clarity; Which One Matters Most?

Diamond Color or Clarity; Which One Matters Most?

 Having heard about the clarity and Color of a Diamond previously, what is your take? Do you believe that Color is of more weight than Clarity or for you it is the other way round? By researching Diamond, you should have known what roles Clarity and Color plays when choosing Diamond to make a proper judgment. You should be aware that gemologists merit Diamond depending on the outstanding 4Cs; that is color, carat, cut and clarity. However, in this case, you only need to focus on Clarity and Color and how one is crucial t the other.

What is Brilliant Earth’s take on this?

According to Brilliant Earth, the importance of Clarify and Color grade of a Diamond is only seen by examining the shape of every Diamond you get along. You should note that the shapes of these Diamonds are not to be confused by the Diamond cut. Even though the shape is what will give a clear solution here, the type of Diamond also matters.

With Brilliant Earth is it possible for you to understand the clarity versus color importance using the types and shape of a diamond. Do not forget that a Diamond shape is what gives it a type. Below you have gotten the best explanation on this mind gauging and nerve catching and confusing distinction by use of Diamond Shapes

An Emerald Shaped Diamond

When comparing the two using an emerald shape, you will notice that inclusion is more noticeable. By lowering the clarity grade state and the only recommendation by Brilliant Earth is that you chose an emerald cut which is in possession of at least a VS2 Clarity. Just as the name suggests, you must be aware that Emerald originality is based on the natural color enhancement. Therefore, with Emerald shape, color is more important than the clarity grade.

The Princess Shaped Diamond

Understanding the princess shape is a bit advanced as the inclusion on this cut Diamond are hidden at the corner. The approach of cut in this Diamond is of susceptibility chipping and no doubt in this scenario that Clarity is of significance to Color. In case you are looking for clarity grade, Brilliant Earth recommends that you stick to the Princess shape with a Clarity grade of SI1 and above. On the other hand, color does not work much for princess Shaped Diamond as it is of a low color grade. If you are that person who is in love with color, it might not be easy for you here. The only advice at hand for you by Brilliant Earth is that you should go for an upper-grade color when purchasing princes Diamond.

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